My name is Alyssa Carter. I have a thing for eyes. You probably can’t see me right now, but I promise I exist.

I’m surrounded by physical objects. You might be interested in this hinge. It connects a pair of thin slabs — one of them has a glowing rectangle and the other has a lot of buttons. I am operating the buttons now, in preparation for transmitting my thoughts to you. There are also some broad shallow surfaces, connected together to form a concave polyhedron of right angles, whose interior I occupy. Distant from me, there is another polyhedron that I return to every night — it provides protection when I am most vulnerable. I enjoy both of these volumes.

Some of these facts will cease to be true in a few minutes, when I get up in order to attend to personal business. Others are enduringly true, but there remain true facts about me which are not listed in this document. You will have to find these on your own.

Are you still here? I trust that you exist, but I can’t see you either.


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