Project Serpent, Day I-lost-track

On day 8 (which I believe was Sunday), I announced that I was happy with the progress I was making, and that I was confident enough in my ability to finish that I would treat the end of this next week as a deadline.

And then the next day I went to work, and realized that perhaps my pronouncement was premature.

It turns out it’s really hard to work on anything after coming home from a full day of work. Luckily, I still find it pretty easy to get some work done on Serpent before I leave in the morning, but even so that’s much less time than the four hours I told myself I’d spend. I’m no longer sure I can finish by the end of this week, and even writing up daily progress reports is kind of hard. Some concessions are due.

I will not give up on Serpent, but I’ll make the following modifications to my challenge:

  1. I will work on Serpent for a minimum of 30 minutes each day.
  2. My deadline (which is once again a soft deadline, like the one I set for the first week and unlike the one I meant to set for this week) is December 30.
  3. I will no longer require myself to post progress updates every day, though I’ll still try to do it every couple of days and I will still require myself to stick to my pre-Serpent schedule of one post per week.

Now that the unpleasant concession is out of the way, here is an actual progress update.

This morning I wrote up an abstract effect and handler for operations depending on user keyboard input. This is the next step of my “make everything interactive, thereby increasing my motivation” project: I have a snake that moves around at reasonable speeds, but right now it just plods inexorably toward the right edge of the screen until finally it crosses the threshold, never to be seen again. I don’t even get to see whether I’ve correctly handled cases of the game state evolution and drawing functions for when the snake does not consist of a single segment.

Over the next couple days (hopefully by the end of this week), I’m not going to work on actual collision with walls and eating food, but I hope to have the snake respond to the arrow keys by turning around!


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