Let’s try a game jam!

I just finished a batch at Hacker School and I had a great time there. I spent a lot of time programming and learning math and other cool things, and I was surrounded by other programmers doing yet more cool things and happy to listen to me talk about what I was doing.

But there’s one thing I planned for Hacker School that I didn’t really do: I wanted to make some self-contained project that looks nice and finished. Finishing things is a separate skill from programming, and I don’t have it, and I really wish I had it because I have so many cool ideas that I wish I could birth into the world.

But it’s not too late! Hacker School’s motto is Never Graduate. Lately I have been working on implementing Go1 in Idris, since that seems like a fairly straightforward task with objective criteria for completion. And while I still think that is a good idea, I realized that I can probably do better in service of the goal “get something into a finished state, as quickly as possible”.

So. I am going to set myself a 48-hour one-woman2 game jam, from Monday the 17th to Tuesday the 18th. Forget Go during this short period; I’m going to write Pong and figure out how to get it running in a browser (Idris can compile to javascript, so I’m certain it can be done).

I am posting this here partly to have a record of when and what I’m planning to do, and partly for social accountability. Once the word is out, there can be no going back!

  1. the game, not the programming language 
  2. unless anyone would like to join me. That could be fun! 

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